The Weirdest Craving Ever

Well, I am officially home from the Shadowlane party although my brain is still there. I am very bummed and missing all of my friends already!

For Master and I everything started Thursday night when we packed up the car and started driving to Vegas.  We left around 7:00 (later than we wanted) and drove until 11:00 or so. Then we picked an appealing rest stop and slept in the back of the SUV. That is a weird experience, let me tell you. It feels a bit like living in a fish bowl. Still, starting the drive on Thursday had the effect of making the trip relaxing and although we were both tired we were more rested than we would have been if we’d tried to do it all in one go.

We had lunch in Utah with Master’s mom and his sister. We surprised them! Unfortunately they had a surprise for us too –  his mother was going to Vegas for the weekend too. Apparently she was seeing a concert.  Cue very uncomfortable perverts hoping not to be asked too many details about their own trip…

I am going to put this behind a cut because it is shaping up to be a novel.

When we arrived in Vegas we had a short wait before we could check into our room, so we hung out with Fireman Chris. I was feeling really little and excited, and I guess this is a side of me that Chris had never seen before. I guess it is true that Master brings it out in me more, and I was more excited than most parties because he was there.

Unfortunately, when Master took my phone away from me I became very pouty and tried to get him to give it back. I was kidding, but I guess I took it too far. I kicked the table we were sitting at and dramatically it slid about a foot with a very large scraping noise. Master says he doesn’t believe I was kidding. I don’t really know what to say there. I can’t make him believe me, but it does hurt my feelings to be doubted a bit. Either way he says the reaction was too extreme, and that was the first spanking of the weekend – it wasn’t the fun kind I was hoping for.

I later heard that Chris was considering offering Master his room key. Hmmm. For once this weekend my friends seemed to uniformly agree with Master, so I bet that was nice for him. Even if this particular incident made me sad. What a way to start a fun party – in trouble. The punishment itself was not severe, mostly symbolic but it still took a while to shake off.  Blah. Anyway, on to more interesting things…

The theme for the vendor fair was “Back to School” and predictably there were many schoolgirls in attendance. I haven’t been so into the schoolgirl themes lately, but I decided to go ahead with it because 1. Master likes it, 2. I didn’t have to do the British schoolgirl, and 3.  I convinced Master to dress as a priest!  I’ve gone to several Shadowlane parties and I’ve never seen anyone else dressed as a priest, ever.  I thought it was be incredibly hot, although to be fair he does look more like the young hip priest than the traditional strict priest… However, this party there were THREE priests! I couldn’t believe it. Someone had a psychic wavelength.

At any rate, he wore his Roman collar and I dressed in a plaid jumper. Our new friend Mystery Minx braided my hair and we headed down. The London Tanners were in attendance this year, which is good because it seems the vendor fair is dying. I am sure it is a sign of the Economy, but it made me really sad!

After saying hello to all my wonderful friends I realized I was starving and convinced Pablo and Mija to go with us to dinner. We all stayed dressed up, and I suspect we confused our waiter slightly. However, I was starving and it was really good! We closed down the place, and went back to the hotel. We spent the rest of the evening with Mija watching a spanking video that also happened to feature a priest, and then I crashed out and we went to bed. So much for suite parties… it was a good plan.

The next morning I wanted an orgasm. This happens frequently. Although I always have to ask, usually Master says yes. However this time he told me I could only have an orgasm if I took ten hard swats. Hard by Master’s definition. I really debated, but ultimately my desire for selfish pleasure won out.  I was crying by two. The orgasm was *wonderful.*  Mmmmm

There was a suite party in the afternoon that Master and I went to. I did a really fun scene with M which started out fairly straightforward (I bent over, he spanked me, I said oww) but ended up with me getting a bit angry and fighting him. We wrestled quite hard and I almost got the better of him a couple of times, but ultimately I lost and ended up with a sore bottom after all.  We generated quite a crowd, and I have to say I was quite embarrassed because it must have been very obscene the ways I was twisting my legs and body when I was trying to escape.

I learned a lesson at this party, though.  Actually I already knew it, but my enthusiasm got the better of me. I tried to set Master up with a really sexy lady, and it didn’t work out. He just ended up annoyed with me, and I suspect she did too. I think they both forgive me, but it was really a bummer for me. I should have known it wouldn’t go well.  Apparently Dominant men don’t like to be told who to play with. Who knew?

That evening we found ourselves in the ballroom enjoying “Prom Night” with tacos. Yeah. Interesting food choice, but I liked it well enough. Mija was not impressed. I dunno how others fared. I made a date to play with the lovely Cassandra, but we never found each other again. I have a huge crush on that lady though, especially after seeing her partner in a priest’s collar. Some day she will beat me, and I will probably cry. Cause she is scary. And hot. Mmmm..

The other person I got to speak to at dinner was M’s lovely wife Iris.  Although I am not much of a top, I love spanking her and she is actually one of the first people who ever bottomed to me. She is sort of a heavy bottom and I think she was deemed one of the people least likely to be scared away if I messed up.  Anyway, now I usually beat her once a party or so, but this time there was a complication. She’s pregnant and basically wasn’t playing for the weekend.  I guess I am just special because she agreed to make an exception for me, and after dinner we all found ourselves back in Pablo and Mija’s room waiting for the crowd to assemble.

Iris doesn’t like stingy implements. In fact she hates them. Canes are her worst enemy. Usually I use a heavy strap, and this time I did that again.  However, I really wanted to use a cane be cause I enjoy it a lot and don’t get to do it very much. I asked her if I could, and I could tell she didn’t want to.  Still, she said I could give her a few as long as I didn’t do it too hard.

Well, I gave her a couple moderate ones. Then a couple harder ones. I asked her how she was doing. She said she was happy and I could keep going. Hmmmm. Really? Ok.  I used the cane for a long time, but decided she’d been a trooper and I would go back to the strap I know she likes. After two whacks she turned around and said, “I can’t do that one, it’s making me tense my stomach.”  So how is that for pregnancy cravings? Apparently she likes stingy pain now. I wonder if it will go back after the baby is born? Her husband was also appreciative and gave her some cane strokes of his own. Amazing!

Also, before I get any hate mail on this I’ll just let it be known that she did consult her doctor about playing during her pregnancy.

One embarrassing thing that happened to me before we went to spank Iris happened in our room. We stopped to buy a bottle of wine and also to change our clothes. When we got back to our room Master threw me on the bed, and I thought he was going to fuck me. He did, but not how I expected. Instead I found the freezing cold wine bottle inserted into my personal places. I was so embarrassed and hid my face, but it didn’t stop the pain or the embarrassment either. It was an unopened bottle, and of course we cleaned it off, but I still really relived when nobody really wanted any at Pablo and Mija’s room. I think I would have died!

After I let Iris up the conversation quickly turned to discussion about my wrestling match with M.  Master thought it would be a good idea for me to take on new friends Zille and Mystery Minx, and Zille’s partner agreed. Mystery Minx and Zille went first, and I was told I would take on the winner.  I ended up paired with Zille and yes, I got my ass kicked. Master says I made a decent showing, but all I can say is ouch! I would love to take her on again, so she had better come to more parties.

I also got a caning of my own, although it was over jeans and mostly left me hungry for more.  I was hoping Master would spank me in the suite, but he ended up doing all of his play privately.  Still, I think a good time was had by all.

It was wonderful to meet some new people. I especially hope that Zille and her partner will stay in touch. Their presence is officially required at parties moving forward. Also Mystery Minx turned out to be a lovely girl and quite good at bratting. I’m glad I never got anywhere near her squirty chocolate.

Finally, I will desperately miss Pablo, Mija, Fireman Chris (and his wife Sparkle who didn’t make it this week), M, Iris, and everyone else who makes this party so special every year. Seriously guys, we can’t keep waiting until Shadowlane to see each other. Who wants to come to Denver?

7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Zille Defeu
    Sep 09, 2009 @ 10:20:19

    Well, Bridget, if we *must* come to more parties, because it’s *required* ‘n all, well, I guess we have no choice!

    And I will very happily wrassle with you any time you like! Prepare yourself for more ouch! 😉

  2. youngbridget
    Sep 09, 2009 @ 10:37:43

    More ouch for sure! And yes, you definitely have no choice. You must bow to my extremely Dominant personality.

  3. Alex
    Sep 09, 2009 @ 13:41:59

    As I sat there watching the all of you wrestle, my thought was “I wonder if I can take on all three” Ultimately I decided I shouldn’t strain my repaired abdominal muscle that much yet. But who knows about the future, so don’t get too cocky Zille 😉

    I also wanted to comment on being set up to play, and shed some light on why I don’t often play at parties. For me, spanking itself is not my kink, it’s about the power exchange/control, and spanking is one manifestation of that. So going up to a girl and saying “can I spank you” then wailing on her really doesn’t do it for me. I’m ambivalent about playing in public, but for me there has to be more of a context for the spanking.

    Overall, I had a really great time and enjoyed meeting Bridget’s old friends, and making new ones.

    Finally, a big thank you to Pablo and Mija for their support over the last year.

  4. Erica
    Sep 09, 2009 @ 14:39:48

    Cutie pie — I was not annoyed with you. I knew you had the best of intentions! (smiling)

    It was lovely seeing you as always, and meeting your man. The bottle cap incident gave me one of the best laughs of the weekend!

    Big hugs to ya.

  5. MysteryMinx
    Sep 09, 2009 @ 17:08:21

    It was great getting to meet you and hang out this past weekend. Perhaps you and I should wrestle seeing as we both lost to Zille? Also, I will happily braid you hair at future parties 🙂

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